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Nebraska players wore one of two jerseys during the 1995 Orange Bowl game. The APEX jerseys had the regular Orange Bowl patch, whereas, the Russell jerseys had the embroidered patches.
1995 Season (1996 Fiesta Bowl)

1995 used several different jerseys in addition to the addidas brand you see below. Nebraska had one set of jerseys that had a black addidas emblem where the red triangle shaped logo is attached. It also had a Goodman & Sons label on the bottom left of the jersey.

1996 Season (1996 Orange Bowl)
1997 Season (1998 Orange Bowl)
1998 Season
1999+ Jersey Styles
In 1999 Nebraska started wearing a RECTANGULAR NEBRASKA PATCH right below the "V" of the neck. The Round Nebraska Patch is also on the jersey and this new round patch was first introduced in 1999.

The Second Year of the Solich Era was the first year in which Nebraska started to wear this new style round patch. Prior to that time, a different type of Round Patch was being worn during the Osborne Era and the first year of the Frank Solich Era from 1990 – 1998. In 1990 and 1991 the round patch was dated, starting in 1992 the round patch was not dated and remained the same until 1998. Then, in 1999 a new round patch was adopted and this new round patch featured was on the 1999 Uniform. But now, in addition to the new round Nebraska patch, a rectangular patch was added to the front of the jersey and this is a NEW NEBRASKA PATCH IN 1999 that was placed right above the jersey numbers and right below the "V" part of the Neck.

The other big change about this 1999 jersey was that the jersey numbers on the front and back and the jersey numbers on the sleeves were silt tack twilled sewn on numbers and not screen printed numbers.

The 1999 Season was a season in which Nebraska had major FUMBLE problems. In fact, Nebraska only lost one game in 1999. That loss came at Texas, when Nebraska played the Longhorns in Austin. In that Game alone, Nebraska had five fumbles. Two of those fumbles occurred inside the Texas 5 yard line as Nebraska was about to score. THE FINAL SCORE IN THAT GAME WAS: NEBRASKA – 20, TEXAS – 24. Later in the year, at the Big 12 Championship Game, Nebraska again played Texas and the score was: Nebraska – 22, Texas – 6. Nebraska was clearly the better team, but on that day in Austin, Texas played better and give the Texas Defense Credit, they did a great job of creating fumbles.

All season long, Nebraska had fumble issues and the team set new records for the amount of fumbles in one year. At the end of the season, Nebraska was edged out of playing in the national championship game against Florida State because of the one loss at Texas. Instead, undefeated Virginia Tech was given the opportunity to play for the title with their talented Quarterback Michael Vick. Nebraska played Tennessee in the Fiesta Bowl and won that game and ended the year ranked #2 in the coaches poll and #3 in the AP poll.

After the season, Head Coach Frank Solich was extremely upset with the fumbles and so he went to Glen Abbott, the Head Equipment Manager and told him to change back to Screen Printed Numbers on the jersey's. Coach Solich felt the slick silk tack twilled numbers on the jerseys accounted for part of the reason that Nebraska was having a hard time holding onto the ball. As you look at the jerseys from 1999 you can clearly see that the silk tack twilled lettering, although it looks great, it is more slick. So, Solich was trying to do everything he could to correct the fumble problem which cost Nebraska the opportunity to play for a National Title in 1999.

Also on the back of the jersey the name is also tack twilled with silk letters and the letters are sewn directly onto the jersey, which was the practice in 1999. Nebraska did not use a name plate during this time period. Instead, the letters and name of the player was sewn directly onto the jersey by a lady who was the official seamstress that the University of Nebraska used for many years. She did all of the sewing for the University of Nebraska out of her home.

1999 Season
If you are lucky enough to come across an Eric Crouch jersey, he wore a size 46 his freshman year and a size 48 all years after that.

2000 Season/2000 Alamo Bowl
2001 Season (2002 Rose Bowl)
2002 Season (2002 Independence Bowl)
2003 Season (2003 Alamo Bowl)
2004 Season (n/a)

2005 Season (2005 Alamo Bowl)

2006 Season (2007 Cotton Bowl))
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Helmets from the late 1970's to the early 1980's were used by several different players during that time period. However, it must be understood that back at this time, players were not given their jerseys and helmets at the end of the season, because the Nebraska Athletic Department had to pay for all of their equipment at this time period and they had to use their equipment for several years. Helmets were the most expensive piece of equipment and they had to use their helmets for many years.

When new and up to date helmets were bought, the starters received those helmets. And, the reserve players were given the older and used helmets. At this time it must also be noted that there was no limit on scholarships and walk-ons and how many players could be on the team. It was not uncommon for Nebraska to have over 150 players on the team and plus the Nebraska Athletic Department had a Freshman Team with over 60 players. The Freshman used the old equipment after the Varsity received the newer equipment.

At this time period, Nebraska also wore a couple different styles of helmets, but the helmets that they wore more than any other were the Riddell Helmets. In the late 1970's the team also had gray facemasks on the front of the helmets. Then, in the early 1980's, Nebraska started to buy the new and popular air helmets. Not all of the players received the new air helmets. The reserve players and the freshman team had to use the older Riddell Helmets.

There was another change in the early 1980's and that is when Nebraska started to wear red facemasks and at that time they also added the Huskers Decal onto the front of the helmet.

Thus, this helmet originally had a gray facemask, because it is an older 1970's helmet. But, as reserve players and freshman players received the older equipment, this helmet eventually was upgraded with the red facemask and the Huskers decal.

For those people who think it is strange that a helmet goes through an upgrade, it must be understood that each and every year, every helmet goes through an upgrade, because each helmet has to be recertified on a yearly basis and at that time the decals are taken off the helmets and the helmets are inspected and then they are upgraded with the new and current decals that are being worn on a helmet. Thus, every helmet goes through an upgrade every single year for safety reasons.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's the numbers on the back of this helmets were larger than they are today. But, even though Nebraska switched to the Air Helmets in the 1980's, not everyone was given a new Air Helmet, the reserves and Freshman teams continued to use the older Riddell Helmets.


Everyone thinks that Nebraska wore Russell until 1995 and then switched to Addidas. It is not always that clear cut. Below are some examples. During hte 1995 season Nebraska wore a jersey with a Goodman & Sons tag on it. You can see it in the picture below. It appears they wore this for the first game or two of the 1995 season. My guess is that they removed these tags after the first game and then added the addidas tag to the right shoulder. I have seen several different pictures of Nebraska players wearing these jerseys.
Another jersey tag that has popped up is the one below from Sports Bell Inc. The Frazier jersey below is from the 1993 season. You can see the photmatch in the photo next to the tag. I was also able to photomatch this to the last two games of the 1993 season against ISU and Oklahoma. The other think unique about this jersey is the spacing between "Frazier" on the back and the numbers.
From 1967-1973 there were actually two sets of jerseys (possibly 3) use in that time era. There was one set that appears to be used for several years in 1967-1968. These jerseys were used in only the away games (white jerseys) and had smaller font on the numbers on the front and back of the jerseys.

I've shown pictures of the tags of the other two types of jerseys that were worn in the late 60's and early 70's. There was apparantly a name change from Russell Southern to Russell at some point in the early 70's. This name change is a result of the different tags you see below. Otherwise the jerseys appear to be identical.

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